Underneath your feet, we meet
A Soundwalk

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Underneath your feet, we meet. HOW TO WALK ? CLICK HERE !
A Soundwalk by Nathalie Bruys
A Soundwalk for the city Amsterdam for Dream Amsterdam Foundation

Walk & Look & Listen 50.05 min
Enjoy the beautifull

With contributions of :
Maria Barnas (NL) - Voice & Poem 'Der Doppelgänger' Berlin/Paris
Jamain Brigitha (NL) - Voice
Betsy Cohen (NY) - Voice
Willum Geerts (NL) - Voice & Piano 'Womankind'
Sonja van Hamel (NL) - Vocal Sample 'Floating'
Ans Markus (NL) - Voice
Alie Kooij (NL) - Choir
Mari Nordén(NO) - Soundscape
José Vissers (NL) - Choir
Ans Wartenbergh (NL) - Choir
Inge Weeda (NL) - Percussion, Piano & Vocals

Met dank aan:
Irene Geerts, 'Aletta' Institute for Womens History, Noor Elffers, Onno van Muysenberg, North/South Line.

Special sounds & frequencies:
Recorded tuning forks
528 Hz - DNA Repair
448 Hz - Crystal
396 Hz - Solfeggio Frequency
221,23 Hz- Venus
376 Hz - Silver
316 Hz - Gold
8 Hz - Theta Waves

All these frequencies work with your body when you listen!