Inner Technolgy is a comment on the daily technology we use, rely on and absorb. I love technology but I see that technology can disconnected us from our inner selves. Understanding our Inner Technology is a key in helping us to look at life and the world from a new perspective that can be spiritually and emotionally based. No technology can reveal you to you. Listening carefully to yourself and not only to all the technology around you.

The work consists out of sound sculpture instruments. The objects are made of leather and white tinkelbells. I composed a sound piece with sound I recorded from the sculptures and is played in an surround sound 5.1 setting. An animation projected with; I am only an instrument, You are only an instrument, We are only instruments. Joint with two theather lamps.

surround sound piece: Intergalactic White Noise, sculpture instruments, projected light / text animaton, sonic drawing.

INNER TECHNOLOGY from Nathalie Bruys on Vimeo.

The work is presented at NIMK Amsterdam & Presentation of the book Stadsverlichting Duinlust

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