Very upcoming dutch textile and product designers Scholten & Baijings made the beautiful and poetic movie Blush for their exhibition Blush Design - in Full Colour.

Still life movie by Scheltens & Abbenes commissioned by Scholten & Baijings for their overview exhibition Blush at the Stedelijk Museum in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Video edit: Eric Steensma
Sound design: Nathalie Bruys & Willum Geerts

Sponsored by the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design & Architecture.

Still life movie by Scheltens & Abbenes from Scheltens & Abbenes on Vimeo.

During the exposition the sound of the movie was presentend with a surround sound 5.1 system. The sounds were floating through the exposition space en reconnecting with the objects, which we used as intruments to record sounds. All the sounds used in the compostion are recorded from the designs from Scholten & Baijings. Like a glass, porcelain cup, glass ribbeld plate and a basket. The recorded sounds are digitally processed and machined.

Willum Bruys Studios